I'm a data obsessed and a risk taker on things my heart wants. My mess of struggling with balance has became my purpose and mission. Detail obsessed, passion driven, and love deep conversations understanding the what and why! I also love design when meeting function. Come follow as we make it our  own

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I am not just one thing!
I bet you are not either! 

hi friend!

Easy has not been my path or story. It is that hard and depth to my journey that has refined me, my heart and my purpose. It is the dark that has allowed me to feel light. It is hard that fortifies growth and change. Wherever you are on your journey I want to say.... 
Welcome... to my home, classroom, pieces of my heart. I hope as I continue on my journey and share you find some inspiration to continue taking positive steps in yours. 

I'm so glad you are here!

Entrepreneur, Productivity Expert, Podcaster, Educator, Finance Nerd, Dreamer, Overachiever
Lover of Design, Black Coffee and Cuddling

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