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3 Ways to Manage the Chaos

One week from Christmas! I have to admit and be honest that for me this year, Christmas seems all sorts of crazy and slightly off too. Just a lot of new and not our “normal”! Every year it is managed chaos but even more so this year with rotating schedules. Here are 3 ways to manage the chaos

  1. Create Schedules. I think everything hinges off that. Allocate time and map out who, what and when–and make sure you communicate it to all parties involved, so it works! 
  2. Make the lists. You make the lists and create the plan so as not to stress at the last minute. The extra food you will need, the present list, etc. 
  3. Self-care. Yes, you read that right. It is not selfish, and you can not pour from an empty cup. What do you need to do for YOU to manage this time of year? Yoga, more sleep, some schedules downtime or girl time? 

I am so looking forward to new traditions and building some amazing memories over the next week!!! Thank you all for being here and I hope these tips help to get your ready to be your best and to be as present and intentional as possible.



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