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30 Day Challenge – October 1st

So many people are asking details about the 30-day STARTdetoxing challenge, so I wanted to put all the content here! And no we won’t be doing a plank holds and yes that is a challenge!

What I will be doing is challenging the way you see food, challenging your mind and your body! Helping you to reset and learn some healthy habits that are life changing! When detoxing it does NOT mean you don’t eat! It just means you start eating the right things to support your body!  It means you stay hydrated! It means you try to reduce stress. We are going to focus on gut health. If exercising is not right for you, you don’t even have to exercise to do this challenge! Diet is 80% of it!

Just saying…. I am this confident to say this! This is GOING to change LIVES!

Here are the 4 Steps!

1. Mentally, you have to get your mindset right. If you are in…I want you all the way in! We are going to make changes together which is why this is perfect. You will have a couple of weeks to prepare and I am going to walk you through it. Teach you my weird ways that have helped me to live a healthier more productive life. It is small things that add up to big changes!

2. Purchase either the Maintain or Rescue system! This is required and what is going to enable your body to eliminate those toxins that can hold you back and optimize your body!  You can do the one-time purchase or subscription to save. Completely up to you! This could be a $108 investment, and for the value of the content you are going to get… will be so worth it!  I will personally be doing the Rescue system, and that is what I recommend, but either one works!  (if you are already subscribed, boom, you are done or you have to purchase within 30 days of Oct 1!) If you are not sure and want a little more information, here is a video! I will be walking you through it all as the month goes on! I recommend the Rescue System but Maintain is a good great place to start too. During this, you will 100% be eating but I will help you make the right choices.

3. Once you have snagged your system, join this group. Here is the link to the private Facebook group! We will also likely be capping the number of participants due to offer a more intimate environment. This group will be quiet for now but expect a lot of updates and content as we get closer.  I am also not bringing ANY sponsors on board to run this challenge. This is just authentically doing what I LOVE sharing brands/foods/products that I love. Most challenges that you see other people lead are sponsored by companies that back them, and people promote the products because they are sponsors even if they don’t use them. You can expect none of that bull from me. 🙂 Sorry keeping it real.

4. Expect a ton of FREE content.  I will be personally investing my time to build content and share with you guys. I will also be your lead cheerleader. October is just the perfect month to reset before the holidays! Can’t wait to do this with you!
A Private Facebook Group
So you can ask questions in privacy.100% access to me!
I will host a Facebook Live in the group weekly to check-in!Workouts to get STARTed and get you moving.
All levels & modifications included! Diet Guidelines
Tips & recipes (my favorite salads, and protein shakes)  

Progress Tracking Chart
Physically, mentally (take pictures for yourself and record)

A Winner!
What is a challenge without a Winner?
• “Just START” tank
• Start Balancing Book
• $100 gift card to STARTdetoxing
• $100 gift card to STARTplanner

Any questions ->

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