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Friday Favorites + Master Bedroom Plans

As another week is coming to a close, I have realized that instead of sharing entire spaces, I am just going to start breaking it down. It is so easy to get set on the big picture and forget to celebrate the little wins or tasks getting completed. It is those small wins that add up to the big win! Insert Friday Favorites… a round-up post of what has gotten done around here, sprinkling in my favorite random things–whether it be design, clothing, cooking, or productivity. Basically anything I love or that I feel like makes my life a little easier.

First I am not a designer and have no desire to be an interior designer. I actually work and consult with a couple who is amazing and have friends who help me make some final big decisions! I know some amazing designers who I can refer people too if you are local and need those services. Other than being able to give my visual direction on the homes we flip or renovate and making selections for my own home and taking you all through that process… that is far as my services will go. My heart and goal is that by me sharing it will inspire you for your own home. Making it feel more like home and function the best it can! I am someone who loves design, finds inspiration, has a creative eye and has picked up all these random skillsets over the years from running other businesses. I am very visual so I have to see it all together. (Hence the design boards!) The design boards are general directions for my vision! The majority of the time it ends up feeling different as small things come together. If you are new here, I studied finance and have a love for numbers, was a wedding photographer 2009-2015, I am one of the co-founders of STARTplanner. So my competitive advantages are finance, organization, and productivity. I just LOVE good style whether it be fashion in clothes or interior.

I am also BIG on function. If it is pretty but doesn’t function, what is the point? I don’t like wasted dead space and when making selections, I want to feel like there is value––That there is ROI (return on investment) in my choices! I will spend more if I see the value and the return on investment. So you will see areas that I make cheaper selections and others where I will invest!

Okay now, let’s talk about the Master Bedroom. My goal is to get this room done first, ASAP! This is the first home I have had in over a decade where the master is on the main and I am pretty excited about that!

I wanted to really go neutral in this space. At my heart and core, I love neutrals both in design and clothes I wear. But yes you can splash color here and there. I wanted it to feel clean and organized. I also wanted to incorporate the bed I already had and a rug I already had and love. I have a mixed style of modern and clean lines but also loving traditional and classic. This home is more on the casual and traditional colonial side. So you will see those reflections in my choices mixing the two! I also didn’t have the budget to start all the way over so I always challenge myself to mix and make it work! Here is the design and direction! Know that I will show you how it all comes together when it is done, but I always do these vision boards!


A couple of notes… I think it is okay to mix wood if you do it right! Notice the side tables are dark and play off the dark grain in the dresser that is lighter. Again, function and organization.

If this home had one challenge or if I could expand it anywhere it would be the master bedroom. Primarily because it is on the smaller size and the closets are way smaller than I am used too! So that is why the right dresser was an important thing to budget my funds too! Plan to share with you all the organization behind it all and even the closet! Because it is a challenge! I also plan to go through my clothes again! Now that I am here honestly I just want less. Less is just more for me!

Deliveries make me all sorts of happy! It has been a week of them!

Here is a little bit of the detail! Now to get it all organized! Which I am 90% there! Will be sharing that!

I also might get in trouble for saying this but… keepin’ it real… apparently “I buy complicated sh*t that has too many options.” So full disclaimer- this fan requires a lot more than the standard fan. Haha! So this is the current status of the fan… waiting on a qualified professional to finish up this job and to save our sanity. And I can’t sleep without a fan, so currently sleeping upstairs in August’s room until an electrical pro can step in!

So to any other significant others who have to deal with their person purchasing this fan because of me. I am sorry. It will be worth it, I promise! 🙂

Right now today… just celebrating baby wins as this house becomes home!

Coming Up:
– Big project next week – hint… requires wood
– Organization of Master Bedroom
– Living Room Plans
– Financial and Budgeting Tips
– Launching our 2021 STARTplanner’s and the changes implemented and why!

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