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Health = Productivity

I am a health nut. I fully admit and own it. But why? It’s 10% for the love of a sweaty workout and 90% because I love the way that being healthy allows me to push myself in all other areas in my life!

You may know that I have struggled through seasons of poor health, and those times have taught me that I NEED my health in order to be productive so that I can show up for everyone in my life at 110%!

As of Monday, we have started to ship 2019 planners over at STARTplanner–we have THOUSANDS of orders going out this week, temporary help, extra hands-on-deck and lots to oversee. I knew heading into this week that I needed to be on top of my A game in order to be my best self for the team.

I know I talk about this one a lot, and it’s a total buzzword right now, but there is a reason–it is HUGE, health has as much to do with your emotional well being as physical! You might think of a glass of wine, or a pedicure when you hear the word “self-care”, but it is SO much more than that, it is a mindset! Get in the habit of taking care of yourself. This can look very different for each person, so spend some time thinking about what you need, it could be setting boundaries, carving out “you” time, practicing positive affirmations, getting organized, or anything else that helps you fill your cup and find peace of mind! 

I fully believe that sleep, hydration, the right supplements, the right food, and body movement is everything. The groundwork to your productivity and happiness is your health!

As I mentioned earlier, I have had times where my health has been less than ideal and I struggled, but last year, I took charge and detoxed through the help of my doctor and I have been progressively been feeling better and better with higher levels of energy. I was so inspired by the improvement in my health that I teamed up with a doctor a Pharmacist and started STARTdetoxing.  Think about that… this ONE change helped me feel SO much better, that I was inspired to start another business in my already crazy life! YES! THAT is how powerful gut health and supplementing with the RIGHT things can be for your health!

Without fail, I take Probiotics (1 pill in the am) and 3 STARTdetoxing Complete at breakfast. (The Essentials). Helps me to sleep, focus…. I mean there are SO many reasons… let’s just say my body is optimized when taking it!


I know, I know, I know, we have all heard it 1000 times, but I know that I feel AMAZING waking up in the morning when I have been following a clean diet full of greens and nutrient-dense foods. Waking up in the morning after having ice cream or Margaritas? ehhh… not so much, I am sluggish and feel foggy. Mental health is important too and yes I do slip from time to time. I am human and I honestly think that IS healthy!  I have a free download here of my favorite meals that help me feel my best, and I think its a great place to start, but listen to YOUR body too, even keep a journal for a month to see what your eating and how you’re feeling- It really helped me hone in on the foods that fuel me to my peak potential!

If there was one thing here I would say eliminate sugar. And when I saw that I feel my best when I eliminate both processed and natural sugars. Processed sugars are hidden everywhere! Try eliminating sugar of all kinds for 30 days!

Again, I feel silly even listing this one. We all know that working out improves our health, but I still think it’s worth mentioning! According to a Harvard Study, exercising benefits more than heart health and weight loss, it can also help with depression, as well as improve memory and thinking skills-and you know what? I believe it! I feel energized and ready to take on the world after a workout, it boosts my endorphins and gives me the confidence I need to take on the world!

This year I have transformed my body by lifting weights and built out my booty. And I have abs…. friends I have never had abs! I honestly didn’t think it was in my DNA and those kinds of excuses I don’t validate anymore!

I mean, as the CEO of STARTplanner, I couldn’t write this post without including this one, right?! Creating a plan will help in several ways. One of the ways that it has helped me most is that it helps with my emotional health by reducing my anxiety.  I have a plan so I know that the tasks on my list will be accomplished and when. When my anxiety is lower, I can use that energy to focus on other things that are on my list, so I end up using my time more wisely and efficiently.

Having a plan also allows me to carve out the time I need to take care of myself in order to keep myself healthy. When it’s on my calendar, I make it happen, so I have gotten better about going to the gym more regularly, scheduling social time, and even scheduling the days when I will take my detox-baths-It all circles back to the self-care point I made earlier and helps me spend less time worrying and more time doing!

Spend more time doing. Spend more time believing. You have a story and a purpose and in order, to reach your fullest potential you must take care of you!

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