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Hi Friends! Everyone has been asking if I am okay. Know that I am 100% okay and good! The only thing I know how to explain it is I lost my voice for a bit and it is back. Times in the past to cope or share my heart I used social media or other spaces to not fully be! I don’t intend to walk away from social but I have rebuilt how I use it and plan to use it and where I am pouring my time and energy! Monthly newsletter on Startplanner and every Thursday the podcast where I am sharing a lot! 🙂 Those of you that are following know!

I am pretty excited about what I am working on and I just need this space for me! My voice is back. 🙂 Also at the same time, I have just chosen to disconnect from a lot. People, places, circumstances. It might sound lonely or sad but it is not! I have pulled back in a lot of places and just felt a calling to disconnect to connect. Ohhh and I also have been using projects around the home to listen to books, podcasts, and realigning my heart body, and mind! Yes, I have a lot done like this office space here and I painted it! Holla!

I also have learned to also ask for help. You all don’t even know all the changes in my life and all the decisions I have had to make this year. I also know they are all with intention! I got to a point, I didn’t want to make any and instead, I just started saying. “Can someone tell me what to do?” Which is not me. I just realized I was overwhelmed and needed to step away and back and rebuild in some areas.

Maybe it was that I was feeling a bit moody when doing this office but I am so stoked on how it turned out! I never do dark on walls and there is a good bit of color happening over here. I also have brought in my good friend Thea Quillian of TMQ Interiors to help me pull together little details in projects that I haven’t had the time or energy to do. If you guys need someone that can help with those little interior details and has the resources she is your gal! (

Here are the resources.
– Paint is Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. Always use Emerald and I like doing Matte/Satin on the walls with Semi-gloss on Trim.
– Desk and Shelf are both custom. The wood on the desk is from the original property at the property that I rent out, North Georgia Escape.
– Wall Frames are mostly from West Elm.
– Corner chair is Rejuvenation it is the Alberta Leather Chair
– Plant Pot you see is from West Elm Here
– Office Chair is the Helvetica Leather Office Chair
– I love mixing old with new things that all have meaning. You can also see I love mixing metals too! The clock, magazine holder, and side table next to the chair are all vintage and found at local antique shops over the years.
– The light is the Twirled Batons Chandelier
Cowhide from Wayfair
– I am a sucker for original artwork that moves me or makes me feel and a friend of mine her Mom is an amazing artist and the picture is her work! Deborah Pellock. The cow picture is also another local friend and artist’s work, Tricia Lee.

Here is before and after.

I just love it! So me!

One of my favorite little corners in the house!

Look at all that light naturally flowing in! Light makes me happy.

I think it is safe to say my plants are thriving and happy in this room and I am too!

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