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Master Bathroom Remodel

Happy Wednesday! This was a huge project that left my house upside down for about a month but it was so worth it! First, I will be sharing links and sources but know none of this is sponsored. I am just sharing what, with whom, etc because I love it.

The home, in general, has a traditional feel so I wanted to keep those elements very much in flow with the home. BUT I wanted to add my own little modern flare to it! A lot of my selections were more modern glam and I counterbalanced that by going with oil rubbed bronze to bring in a more masculine feel.

Main Sources/Information (the rest will be filtered throughout)
Paint: Sherwin Williams Alabaster
Lights: Rejuvenation. Chandelier. Vanity Lights and Semi-Flush Drum in the toilet room (is that what you call it?)
Faucets: Delta, the Trinsic Line in Oil Rubbed Bronze
Bathtub: Kohler (this was a big deal picking that perfect tub! I love the Memoirs it is traditional yet clean lines to go with the home.
Countertops: Leathered Marble
Marble: Floors, shower tile, and shower floor.
Cabinet: Custom, soft close drawer with hardware from Rejuvenation (All about those little details)

I picked up the rug from home goods. I choose to leave the stained glass window to keep it more original to the home. Found this “wood” side table (which is actually metal) from Target. I am all about style meeting function. It is perfect for a candle, my phone, or soap while you are in the tub.
This plant was originally downstairs on my shelves and it is so happy in its new home! It outgrew the space so I moved it up here. The pot is from West Elm.
In my master bedroom, I got custom shades made. I decided to carry it forward in my master closet and bathroom. Also, a new light fixture (that no one will ever see,) but I want you all to take note.
Was impossible to take a picture of those side of the room without me being in it. This wall was a big debate on what kind of mirror to do. All the walls are uneven and I felt like using a framed mirror would make it busy and clutter it. So I decided to mirror up the entire wall!
Here is a close up of details.
The Leathered Marble you can’t see the texture but it is perfect.
On the floors, the marble is honed. The shower floor honed and the walls are polished marble I mean there is no such thing as too much marble but I changed up the textures to make it feel different. .
Before and during!
If you follow me on Instagram stories you know there was a leak issue with the prior shower so we ended up needing to remove a wall and redoing the subflooring. Unexpected expense but I love the end result.
In progress.
Personally I wanted to go with the light Cape Gray because I like white everything… but I ended up going with the Delorean Gray. Darker and would be easier to maintain.
What sits under my feet every morning on my side of the sink as I get ready. 🙂

So excited to have this project done and check off. It was about $4,800 over budget! I had an overage allowance of $2,000. Before I execute any project I have ALL my numbers and vendors together. But we ran into some unforeseen circumstances and instead of cutting corners I wanted it done the RIGHT way with the selections and choices I would want. The sub-flooring being bad led to that needing to be ripped out and replaced. Which meant taking out a wall. Which means to additional frameless glass… which led to… ya get it. 🙂

Thanks for following along. My life. My heart. My design and little by little as I etc it all together! I do know there is a bright future ahead and His plan is better than mine!



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