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Kristy Gayton, (formerly Dickerson), keynote speaker, productivity expert, author, businesswoman, podcaster, mom of 3 boys, and active CEO to STARTplanner, owner of STARTbrand.com, co-owner of Johnstone and Co., and cozy home host with North Georgia Escape. She has devoted her life to providing hope for individuals who are looking to achieve balance, success, and happiness within their own lives. Passion driven and faith-centered. Authentically stepping to His plan. 

I love conversation and good coffee. I love seeking moments of freedom. Of purpose. Of divine intention for my point on this earth. I love learning. I love looking for areas of growth within myself. We all have a journey and a story. I love Jesus and have learned his plan for my life is far greater than the one I could have ever wrote.  I love Excel, numbers, finance, and planning to calm anxiety and put action into place. I love challenges and I wear my heart on my sleeve. Sometimes too much! Ha! 
My struggles. My heartaches. My deep valleys have been turned into my life's work and my mission!  I am driven on passion. On purpose. I love making a house a home.  And I truly can't wait to connect and share with you! 

so much more than just a girl in business...

driven by passion

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the struggle


Some said that I will fail. Some said I wouldn't make it on my on. Some say women don't belong in business. Someone said that when I divorced with three children I would spend a life alone. I even have had moments of starting to believe the own lies within my head...

I stand as a vessel of hope. I have walked through some of the deepest trenches of water filled with struggle, pain, and heartache. I have struggled financially, with my health, with my heart and even let myself go to places of doubt and question. It was in that place of weakness that I found surrender, my faith and complete clarity on my mission. Trust me I also am not done growing yet. 

I truly believe that I was designed the way that I am for a reason and everything that has happened in my life has its purpose.  Here is the thing...it is your life and you only get ONE. You really don't know how long YOU have on this earth. I am here to tell you, teach you, show you that change is not easy but crucial for growth and inner peace and it should be rooted in your hearts desire.  I am here to tell you that you can and help give you resources and knowledge to make it happen. 

If you are looking for perfect or the girl that had the easy path, then I am not your girl. I have rooted my life in authenticity and plan to share with you my skillsets which are planning, meal prepping, productivity, organization and financial management. 

I am still figuring it all out. That is life friends. We are meant to evolve. Here I am new passions, deeper meaning, my faith steadfast, and heck a lot of growth!  In so many ways I am just getting STARTed. I will be boldly following my calling for bigger purpose than me. I will be using my life, lessons, and knowledge to help others! I am so glad YOU are here and found me. Let's do more together! 

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randoms about me

my passioNS

Home Projects and design 

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I love making a house a home. I get super connected to projects and design. BIG on design meeting function because I love organization! Love sharing all the things! 

Travel and beach

I love exploring. Being emerged into different cultures. The food, the weather, the people. Learning new ways and gaining new perspective. My mind goes a mile a minute and while traveling I just be! Our world is a beautiful place and I want to see, do, and make a biggest impact as possible on others. 

Random coffee shops  

To dream. 


I am gluten and dairy free and kinda a health nut, but that doesn't mean home girl don't like to eat and enjoy a drink and conversations with others! I just like cooking and eating the right yummy foods. 


Strip it all away and I am kinda a nerd. I am a girl that studied finance and gets comfort in running projections and her safe place is excel. I love reading business books and constantly absorbing and learning. Love speaking tot other entrepreneurs and learning! I love learning and challenging myself and helping others along the way. 


Thankful for mine. My closet friends go back to age 12. They know me well and make me better. We never do life alone. Family and friends all help to shape and refine us to who we are. 

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