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Morning Routines Start at Night

Here lately, my productivity game has been on point. A couple of weeks ago though, I got sick, life started happening, productivity started to decline, and my routine began to slip. I recognized it, and the main thing I was slipping on was my nightly routine for my morning! Yes, you read that, right! Here are 3 things I do at night to prepare for the next day! 

  1. Food and drinks for the next day! Map out and know what you and your kids/family are going to be eating for the next day. For lunches shakes, and drinks! Not having to think about food takes the guesswork out of your mind, and it also allows for healthier choices by prepping those! 
  2. TO-DO List!!! HOLLA! I use a 90 Days of START, and my list starts getting written down the night before. It allows my mind to rest at night, and it gives me direction in the morning. I try to prioritize 3 top things, and I do that, so it starts my day feeling productive instead of behind! 
  3. Last but not least, try to create a night routine, so you are getting good sleep. I am a creature of habit and routine, and structure is when I do best! Earlier this year, when I moved twice, it threw me off big time, and I was sleeping 3-4 hours a night. SLEEP IS essential. I am now sleeping better, but even the slightest things now, I can feel throwing off my pattern. I have developed nightly routines, which include music, sauna or dead sea salt baths, and reading before bed. I try not to open my laptop, and I try not to get sucked into social media. (Unless you want to watch my stories or my social media…be careful! I kid!) But seriously social media can become a black hole and keep your brain going. Make sure you are giving your brain time at the time to throttle down to get proper rest to have a good morning! 

Wake up at least an hour before your day starts. Don’t start your day feeling rushed, so you give your body and mind time to wake up and get your feet underneath you! If you wake up rushed, you are training yourself to be in fight or flight mode every morning, and that is not good! We live, we learn, and we continuously tweak to find what works best for us. We are all different with different circumstances! But being productive is my jam, so I will always be paying attention to my routines to make sure they are leaving me my best self! 

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