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START Lake Home

Moving – New Lake Home!

Welcome!!!! I hope you are just excited about this as I am!

In the last 4 years. I have built and designed a home that I now rent out (North Georgia Escape). I then bought a home in April 2019 that needed a total gut. As a single woman, I took on a huge undertaking buying a second home that needed a lot of work. I couldn’t afford more than what I paid and I also knew it was going to be WORK but I felt like it was right for me and my kids at the same time. Something in my gut and heart said to silence the noise and do it! I just do what I knew how to do and project by project, space by space, we got it done. Clearly designing a vision, being organized, and executing. If there is one thing I am good at it is time efficiency and being laser productive and I plan to share those tips along the way. My degree is in finance and I love numbers so budgeting is big for me. It is one of the things that has set our STARTplanner apart in its market!

I never planned for that home to be “flip”. I suppose that is life though, you can plan. But life also happens. All part of my journey of growth and learning and figuring it out. I bought it as a home to set roots for a while. But sometimes life puts people or thoughts or new dreams on your heart that lead you in another direction… so here we are!

I didn’t have the bandwidth at the time to do or share or talk about what all I wanted to on the last home renovations, and I primarily shared the process only on Instagram stories. I would get so many questions and I tried really hard to keep up, but I also know I let some of that slip. Well, let’s do it again with a little different approach! I am big on systems and workflows so I am going to try to put one in place here. Answering questions before they are even asked and I know it will take some refinding and work to make it better. For instance what I plan to share.

  • Like how I had $4800 in credit card reward points that I used to flip that home. Know I grew up clipping coupons with my Mama. So saving money is still deep within me. Homegirl likes deals and I am all for using the system. A big believer in no debt but financial leverage. 🙂 More on this soon.
  • Tips for organizing projects.
  • Behind the scenes on why and how I execute.
  • DIY projects.
  • Design – The why. Colors. Links to products. Just BIG on design meeting function. It has to make sense from an ROI (return on investment) perspective AND efficiency.

MY GOAL is to help you to organize, inspire you in one way or another as our house becomes home and teach you along the way as it also teaches me.

I made a nice return on my investment. I really had no intention of flipping my prior home. I was told. “you are getting in over your head.” “You have no business buying a home with so much work.” etc.

Again, I did nothing to prove anyone wrong. I had a gut feeling and I honestly almost lost it before I got it. I stayed persistent. I also want to note. My last home projects were a way for me to cope, something to focus on in a difficult time and were a safe place for me and my boys. I used projects to distract and read a lot, to fill in quiet places in my life. I learned a ton… including how to use power tools! ha! How to budget on a single salary as an entrepreneur. How to be savvy… I mean I can keep going…

As you guys also know I am one of the founders of STARTplanner so I plan to integrate organization and that process showing as well! Like on the podcast today… I shared moving tips (Listen HERE!) Because well, it was my 3rd moved in 2 years and I have learned some hacks I wanted to share! (And no, I am not moving again anytime soon!)

Also want this to be clear. Yes, I am also flipping homes and investing in projects with Johnstone and Co. but this home is not a flip. This is home. I have no plans to sell or market in the near future. My only intention here is to take you through this process a little differently this time! Breaking it down, project by project, and space by space and showing you it ALL! If you guys love it. And like me sharing, I will keep dedicating time and resources to it! So if you like it, interact with me and let me know it! I know I am stoked!! I hope you are too! I just plan to organically share my life authentically as it is and as we continue to peel off layers getting it(me) back home.

Okay enough words!!! Come on in! 3 different contractors/workers have shown up and have said… “You sold the other home for this one?” Almost confused or in disbelief. Haha! YEP!!! Go ahead doubt, question, or generalize what you think… it’s cool… I am used to that! 😉

Go ahead get a good look at the “before”!

Exterior. Big plans here. Currently boring and overgrown.

When you walk in the foyer you have coat closet to far right, half bath, stairs to come upstairs and hallway.

Master Bedroom.

Master Bathroom

The open living space! If you didn’t read about the fireplace… read that story here. It is pretty cool and I feel like a confirmation from God saying you are on the right path… keep going.

This will be our living room.

This is the kitchen. Yes small. This will be completely gutted… stay tuned…

They had this set up as a second living room, I am converting this in an informal eating space! stay tuned…AND YES THE WINDOWS ARE LIFE!

This was their dining room. It will be our office. 🙂 Yes views of the lake out those windows!

The stairs loop. It’s kinda cool you can go upstairs when you walk in or from the back side of the living room too.

Upstairs you have another huge bedroom. (August’s Room – middle son)

Bathroom for upstairs. Also laundry room.

Another Bedroom upstairs. (Silas’s Room – youngest son)

Tons of room as you walk over.

Then there is a huge loft. That we plan to use for the kids. Playroom. Secondary living room. It’s cozy and the perfect place to watch a movie! Storage galore up here too through that white door.

Okay now back down stairs and lets go down.

Big open room and kitchen for entertaining.

and you will see another room through here.

Another huge bedroom and full bathroom. My oldest son, Roman claimed it.

Walk out to a screened-in porch! Another fabulous living space without our bug friends joining!

Back of the home. Again planes for improvement here.

Little journey to the dock.

Dock. 🙂 My happy place!

A deepwater dock in a quiet cove. A lot of properties on Lake Lanier seem great… BUT if you can not enjoy the dock due to waves from boat traffic then you just took out one of the most desirable living spaces. LOVE LOVE that we are in a cove! But if any of you want to find a lake home on Lanier. Let me know… We are eyeing a few others that would be great investments! Part of Johnstone and Co. is a real estate division and team that can help!

I have more stories and thoughts and details I want to share. But I basically just wrote a novel. So I will stop there so you can digest all of that first! SO excited to take you through this process as the house becomes HOME!


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