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My Easy Go to Meals (food vs meal prep)

  • Meal prep is prepping meals and salads so they are ready to go beforehand. It is a full meal ready to go.
  •  Food prep is prepping different foods and then throwing them together when you are ready to eat for different meals or snacks when you need them.

I do both!

My rule of thumb when cooking is always eating at least twice. But it is typically I eat the meal I cook, I have a leftover meal from it, and the protein I try to cook extra to have some sort of other meal with it!

So Meal Prep = Prepping Meals. Food Prep = Prepping foods to throw together for meals!

This is one of my favorites! The best part is you can customize it to make it your own with how you like it!
ANNNDDDD it is simple! You can also get frozen organic pepper medley at whole foods for like 4 bucks which makes it even easier!
My kids do eat what I eat. I do make variations and have options for them. Hence this Taco Salad I made them tacos!
Yes I grill often! Girls can grill! I try to meal prep and grill up protein in bulk at least once a week!
On the left is showing how leftovers from one meal turned into two meals. I made a leftover plate then I took extra chicken and made a salad!
And on the right is green smoothie! I have options on the download that way you can play around with it and try out what you like!

I have created a free download here and yes you can share this with your people! Here is just a peek at them! They are basic and easy because that is what I need in my life! And shout out to Jenny my partner for always taking my images and content and making it look fabulous! ENJOY!!! And yes share away! Content like this takes a ton of time… so if you love! Let me know!

There are also variations for kids too! I am gluten and dairy free but that is because I have intolerances. You can modify anything where needed to fit your lifestyle!

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