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My System for Calendar Organization

I juggle a lot, and keeping everyone organized, in sync and on schedule is imperative for me to avoid missing commitments and reducing stress! For schedules, I use a combo of paper and digital! I am “techie”, so I DO use online applications to make my life easier and an online calendar. It is crucial for me to stay organized with my team, different companies, or even with my kids’ Dad, I use iCal. 

With all that being said, I am also VERY visual, and I need a pen and paper to map it all out. On my monthly overview, I map out my months and schedules and overall commitments. Every Sunday, I sit down and make sure everything still works for the week. I used Hustle Weekly for 2019, but I am transitioning to Fancy Pants Weekly for 2020 to layout schedules and 90 Days of START is what I will be using for my daily grind to-do list! 

There is a video on the blog today showing this and giving you some scheduling tips!

Own your schedule. Don’t allow it to own you, and here are some tips! 

  1. Map out your year, quarters, months, and weeks and access the upcoming week every Sunday to make sure schedules are covered. 
  2. Look for ways to block like-minded things together. Schedule meetings back to back or appointments when you already know you will be out and about. 
  3. Schedule out things that maybe you wouldn’t do. Days to pay bills? Clean up the house? Days to get organized? Schedule times for meetings and try to avoid going outside of those lines. 
  4. Boundaries on your schedule. I have had to learn them with people, social media, boundaries for myself. Boundaries are healthy! Having a plan allows you to stay on track and focused. I try only to check emails twice a day, so it doesn’t derail my productivity. Of course, life happens, and you have to roll with it at times, but healthy boundaries help to keep schedule efficient. 
  5. Start an hour before everyone else. I wake up early, but I try hard not to sacrifice sleep in the process. You are starting your day before everyone else allows your mind and body to wake up and allows you to knock out some things without feeling the rush. Ahead of the day, instead of behind it!  

That video above will give you a visual! Digital is essential for keeping joint schedules aligned, but the paper calendar is essentials for visualizing and weekly execution!

Happy Organizing!


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