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My New Stationary and 5 Tips for Branding

  As you can see my website got a little facelift and someone asked me why and how often do I update my brand.  If you are wanting to start a business or if you are in business and are looking to make it more successful this is for you.

  1. Work on your business too. When we start a business sometimes we get busy working in it and forget to work on it. I recommend at least yearly you should audit your website and online presence to update it. With Start Planner, it is something that we have to audit on a monthly basis or weekly basis. It is important to build time into your schedule to do things like this.

2. Invest In Branding. Could I  put together my website on my own? Yes, I could and it would save me money. I would end up investing a lot of time into something that I probably would not even do a good job representing who I am. Having an employer brand expert make you look very polished and professional is the key. They can also help you dial in your message so that your website is clear, easy to navigate, and useful for your consumers. It will also give you more confidence. This is on topic, just a little bit different, but my friend also recently purchased some koozies for her staff. Although they’re only small water bottle holders, they’re designed with the company logo, which is a great way of branding. This may sound ridiculous, but it will work because when her staff are carrying their bottles on their commute home, everybody can see them. If you’d like to have a look or possibly create your own, I’d recommend you to click here to create your own customized koozie, or koozies, for your business!

3. Logo. This is something that once you develop you should not change often when you do update branding. It is so tempting to go with a new logo just because you can but that should be your mark that stays constant. Think about Coca-Cola. Could you imagine the cost and repercussions they would have if they changed their logo. It is something people recognize and trust.

4. Navigation. Your navigation of your website is so important. Make sure to pick terms on your website that are clear and it is easy for consumers to get to the information that they would need.

5. From Web to Print. Once you polish your brand it is important to carry that brand further than your computer screen. Business cards, stationary and even packaging. This is branding who you are.

Jenny Grumbling with did all of my new branding and she worked with me to build a site that was a reflection of me. We then started carry it forwarded applying that brand to my media kit, business cards thank you cards. I LOVEEEE the way everything turned out. Your brand you should love!

Here is my new stationary that Jenny designed to go along with my updated brand! Clean, modern, bright, airy with a touch of vintage!  Everything you see here was printed by , they really have so many options for printing and customizing stationary!  If you want to give them a try because they are so amazing…   use promo code PASSION2REALITY and it will give you 20% off your first order! 


The envelopes you can customize with liners, and you can also create custom return address labels.


Details matter! This is the back of the return address label.


Here are my new updated business cards!


I love it all! You should love your brand as well. A solid brand will not only allow you to elevate your business but it will also give you the convenience that we sometimes need to stick to our vision and start knocking out our goals !

  1. Justen Hong says:

    Looks great Kristen, and kudos to Jenny. Everything has a really nice feel and aesthetic.

  2. Great tips Krisyen! Thanks! Beautiful branding Jenny!

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