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Speaking at Wellscene

I was the opening Keynote last Sunday at Wellscene ATL. Once again a full circle moment me having the opportunity to impact others and share my health journey and how it all relates. Listening to Doctors and other health professionals all day long it was the same theme over and over. STARTdetoxing would have never happened had I not stuggled. And when I don’t take the supplements regularly or focus on my health (sleep, nutrition, exercise, mental health) I can literally feel it!

Your health is everything! It is something we sometimes invest in last but we SHOULD be investing in first! If we don’t have our health we have nothing. Getting sick and feeling the way I did where I struggled to get out of the bed in the morning and became a lab rat, gave me a whole new level of understanding, empathy, and purpose that I must help others! Sometimes it is the hardest things we experience that end up being our destinies. I believe that fully. This year connecting me with new people that honestly have altered and changed my life forever.

Here are some images from the day! All mages by Colleen of XXIII Photography

And yes….. I talk with my hands obviously! I cuss a little. I literally cannot contain my passion when in front of an audience. Passion…… helping others is mine!

How beautiful is this space?!? Love the urban vibe with all the amazing light!

My hands…HA! 🙂


I mean looking at these images… I am cracking up at myself! #sorrynotsorry

I want you all to have the fullest potential of your health! I want you all to know and experience this level of passion and how it just fires me up! Wellscene ATL and Gabrielle thank you for having me!


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