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I am a dreamer…. I have always been someone that intentionally sets out to prove people wrong when they say it can’t be done. When I see a need, I feel a need to break it all down and put it back together. I was raised as a middle child, both parents were self-employed, and I was also the only girl with three brothers… so I had to find ways to survive. I think growing up I had a lot of proving to do and independence, drive, and the thrill of a chase was branded into me early on.

Does that mean I am not fearful, heck no… My own doubts and insecurities have held me back on opportunities in the past. But here is what I do know, that this CAN and WILL change lives like it has my own. So I choose to believe, to work hard, and to dream.

I started my first business 7 years ago, while also starting my family, and I quickly realized if I was going to attempt to wear multiple hats…… organization, planning, and being efficient was a must. Well over these last 7 years I have used sticky notes, a million apps, to-do list(on every counter in my home), other planners, and then started creating my own documents for business and household financial planning.

What I didn’t realize was it was the start to a guide, tool, and ultimately a planner to help me balance ALL my roles. One small planner that I can have everything together. Well Start Planner was born when Jenny(a graphic designer) had these same vision, goals, and ideas as me so here we are on a quest to unit and help other women. This planner is geared at the modern day woman. It has business planning tools, home financial tools, daily to do lists, project efficiency, a catchall envelope for receipts/coupons/etc., goal tracking and even simple things like weekly grocery lists, dinner menu, did I take my vitamins, workout, put on pants(okay kidding on this one). But you get the point. This is for ANY woman that wants to live a more focused and directional path.

The Planner has four sections. Goals, Projects, Financials, and Calendars.
* We are launching into beta phase and a 2015 Start Planner that will have all sections except for the Calendar section will be July 1st through December 31st. There is only a limited number of copies of this!!! Once they are sold out they are gone, no reordering. Our small beta test team will have an opportunity to try, fall in love(like we have), but also offer feedback for the 2016 version. If you want to be a part of the Beta Team more info HERE). (will ship mid-late June.)
* The 2016 version we also have a limited number of pre-sales at a lower price if you are interested in grabbing it at a discount(the only time ever). It will ship early November to have in time for end of year planning and for any holiday giving, once we have given it more love!

Here is the 2016 Design! Except both versions WILL have a gold spiral bound! 🙂 Share with any friends that you know would benefit from this too! I promise, this planner is a life changer! Thanks for following my crazy journey!

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