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Happy Tuesday from the lake! Wanted to take a moment to share what we have already done! Because more stuff is happening… and I need to bring you up to speed first! I also want to explain there is going to be a process. Last year when I was doing the other home. I had so much I wanted to share…. but I didn’t have the bandwidth. I would randomly share primarily on social media, but I then couldn’t keep up with questions and was sending links here and there and trying to respond to all that I could. I am also big on value, saving money and time and I had and have so much to share that I was not able to… so know this is the reason for this blog!

I am going to try to have a format. Share what was done or planning to be done. Why it was done the way it was. Will then share all sources (products) AND how it was executed with organization tips. I am marrying ALL my loves and plan to take you guys along through the process. Again keeping it only authentic to me and aligning and sharing my processes and sources that I love! I will be doing organization series, Lake Home series, finance series, and then randoms sharing other things(with links). I am big on organization and workflow so this is me putting a system to this process so it is easier for you all!

This post will be a little different because I just have to get you all up to speed with this new site launching! And it will be bigger. We have been busy around here!

So this is what you can expect. What is being covered?! Sources and organization tips. Images to show and video to explain too. YESSS there is a video for some of them and integrating the podcast when it is appropriate as well!

Here is the first of the video! Giving you guys a look inside from ground zero and bringing you up to speed! So far below is what we have done in addition to a couple of boring things like HVAC work and cleaning ductwork!

  • Ceiling – (it had a texture so we had to redo and paint)
  • Kitchen Reno tear-out
  • Hardwood Floors – added to master, kitchen, and refinished all
  • Paint main area (living, dining, hall, and master)
  • Ordered Master Bedroom furniture (will share this soon the plan).This was a must. Didn’t have a dresser that worked so did this as soon as we moved in! I will share the vision as it comes to life!


This was the biggest project. And ended up taking 5 days longer to complete than projected. The home was built in the ’80s. It had a textured ceiling like this image below. This is not just a popcorn ceiling that can be scrapped off either. We had to sand, re-mud, and basically refinish the entire ceiling again! It was a big investment, but it dated the home SOOOO much. And you can not live in that mess while it is getting done so this is what we did first!

This was the texture on the left and it had to go! It is now all a clean free SMOOTH white! But go ahead and watch the video! It was a mess. It was not just scrapping off. It was sanding and mudding and sanding and mudding and painting.


We then took out half of the old kitchen! We don’t even have an oven right now and we are using an electric plug-in cooktop! Making it work! I mean it is like we are camping on the lake in our kitchen. 😉 You just always want to know your full vision going in so you don’t waste time, money, or create future headaches. We were getting hardwood floors done prior to moving in. We knew we needed to take out some cabinets to expand the kitchen and we would have to add hardwood floors in the kitchen where they were not. Hence the demo had to happen from jump street!

Here was the kitchen before.

Watch the video… be sure to check out the safety goggles used. Again those are not endorsed or sponsored. 😉

Exciting stuff going to happen here!


A project we had to get done before moving in! But then… insert the ceiling taking 5 days longer and we had to move into the basement for a week and keep all the belongings on a u-haul for a week. #goodtimes Sometimes you can plan, but with construction… things just happen and you have to pivot and make it work for a moment!

They had red oak throughout most of the main home. We had to add to that space in the kitchen and wanted to carry the hardwood into the master bedroom too that is on the main level.

Here are some images of trying to decide the right stain. Every home is different. Depending on the lighting in the home, the end goal of tones, what type of wood is on the floor. My last home had white oak. This is red. I ALMOST went 50/weather oak 50/classic grey. Literally was SOOO close and even half debated did I make the wrong choice after. Either would have been beautiful, but with kids, the dog, etc I know I made the right choice. I chose the 100 Simply white.


The entire home all three levels got a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling due to the ceiling getting refinished. We then painted the main living areas. All hallways upstairs and down, living room, dining room, and master bedroom. The walls were all orange.

I always recommend trying colors on the walls in samples. There are warm and cool whites. It is important you pick a tone for your home and try to keep consistent.

Here is my rule of thumb when painting.
– Any wood (trim, doors, etc) go with a semi-gloss.
– Any walls (satin or matte). Sherwin Williams its called Satin and Benjamin Moore is Matte. Those are the two primary brands I use and recommend. – — Any ceiling go with flat! For this home using. Benjamin Moore Simply White Color on walls and trim for the main run areas.

Also painted the mantel. Using Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams to tie it in.

My business brain even has some thoughts on paint on how to save $…. hold tight that deserves its own post!


This update is coming soon. I focused on it first. We didn’t have a dresser and I need to feel like I am settled, and can sleep so that is already in the works! Sharing that design and inspiration first! GET READY!!!! Planning to also share how it is getting organized and my weird ways for folding clothes!

If you missed the before images blog post you can see it here! You are now caught up on the process to where we are now! If you don’t already make sure to follow my youtube channel and subscribe because this will be a way I share now too!!!! START with Kristy!

Organization Tips

  • Create a notebook for your home. Create notes for each. When painting create a note (I use Evernote) and Title the Note (“Street Name of Home” Paint Colors Ie. Main Street Home Paint colors) Clearly label all the rooms and break it down by walls, trim, and ceiling choices. So you can easily reference it if you ever need it too at a later time.
  • Create a plan to execute. It might not (probably won’t) go as planned and try to margin time for errors. I am using my Quartly STARTplanner to execute daily. Chipping away little by little. The Annual Weekly is my home planner for the family schedule and I use the Quarterly monthly overviews to plan out projects for work and the home. Here is what a day looks like. Daily on the left, I have my To-Do list – work. Bottom left how I like to start my day now, scripture. Right page, time blocking my day for productivity. Another list, titled Home. Every day I am just etching away at that home list to get stuff done but to not feel overwhelmed. I need to see the progress which is WHY I write it down. Check and cross it off both!

Here is a closer up and showing how I use the method for me.

You guys if you are liking the direction!!!! Please let me know! This is taking a lot of heart and energy to redirect some things and it is also a risk, but it also just feels RIGHT…. here we are!!! Thanks for being here and following along on my imperfect journey that is my own. As a house becomes home and I figure out me as well and use my heart to help you along the way in one way or another.

Coming Soon:

  • What Projects are Next and Why
  • Master Bedroom Updates
  • How to Organize a Dresser
  • Creating a Home Notebook and Why
  • In-Depth How-To Plan a Project
  • Credit Card Point Game – What I do and Why.
  • Untraditional Things I Suggest to do Before Buying a Home

Chat with you all soon!


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