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Which Planner Do I Use?

It is simple, really. Your life will move forward in the direction that you plan and execute! This is not just a planner to manage your time, but a carefully thought-out system walking you through the steps of achievement from your vision and goals, to daily execution in multiple areas of your life!

We launched STARTplanner in 2015 and as a system, it has come a long way! It has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, among others. But honestly, the thousands of reviews saying it has changed their life and our community of planners has really helped us to develop the system we are all so thankful for! Our heart, soul, and mission show up in every square inch of this product. Simply put, we understand the struggle of trying to balance and needing a tool to keep productivity, self-care, and much more at the forefront.

Here are some of the areas we focus on!

Since the beginning, we haven’t stopped. Continuously refining the content dialing it is and also further reforming the actual function of the planner. Little things like tear-out grocery lists, tracking sleep, daily spending, meal planning. It is the subtle small details that add up and make our STARTsystem what it is.


We have worked to unify our planners so they all have the same components of the STARTsystem. This incudes:

• Goal Setting & Tracking throughout the year
• Perforated tear-out for Weekly To-Do Lists or Grocery Lists
• Daily To-Do Lists
• Monthly Household Budgeting
• Monthly Health Check-ins Daily tracking prompts for work outs, supplements/vitamins, water intake, and sleep
• Daily list for Top 3 priorities, self care/wellness, and budget trackingDaily
• Meal planning for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
• Track your Projects, Home Cleaning/Maintenance, and Giving Back
• Keep up with Medical Expenses for each family member
• Holiday and Vacation Planners

I once asked “why me” on a lot of things and instances both in business and in life. Because it has not been easy. Any of it. I know now why. My journey and depths of struggle I feel deeply and I understand how to get resolution. This planner is now part of this refined tool that will now go out into thousands of homes. I also have always been a planner. But can I also honestly and say I didn’t understand the importance of planning until planning was essential for survival. Being tested in areas of my life such as health, being a single mom, renovating a home, and balancing kids’ schedules, businesses, and all the things.

We have three planners!

  1. Our STARTplanner Dated Annual Daily – formally known as Hustle Daily and the original planner we launched with.
  2. Our STARTplanner Dated Annual Weekly – formally known as Hustle Weekly
  3. Our STARTplanner Undated Quarterly

Here is a brief overview comparing them.

Again the inside content of the system is the same. Just depends on your planning style which is a personal preference.

If you want everything in one and see only one day at a time. – STARTplanner Dated Annual.

If you rely heavily on a digital calendar, but still want to a rolling to-do list, and our STARTsystem to keep you accountable then – STARTplanner Undated is your jam–This one can be started at any time.

If you need to see a whole week at a time to plan – STARTplanner Dated Annual Weekly if your answer!

Now for most people, one planner does the trick! There is no right or wrong. For me, I use two! If you have any questions at all regarding a planner… we have an organized system in place to make sure you are taken care of!

I will break down the major areas I use and why.

STARTplanner Annual Weekly Dated – This is my home and family planner. I keep an online calendar to be efficient at the doctor’s offices and to stay on schedule with other people(integrated calendars). But I must see my schedule in order to allocate my time appropriately. I budget my finances here, schedule meals so my kids can see, plan vacations, time block family activities so the kids know what is happening and what is expected! (this is the bigger one shown above. It stays at home!)

I also use the STARTplanner Quarterly Undated for my personal needs and work. It goes with me everywhere! Bedside table, in my bag, to the office, and at home! It is where I start every morning! In a nutshell, here is how I am using it:

The monthly overview. I outline my business and goals. Again, I have an online calendar for schedule and appointments. This is more about visualizing out business goals. I don’t want appointments here, instead, this is a brief overview of the direction for that week/month. You outline a vision, set goals, and execute each day in that direction! It is the small daily things that you do or don’t do that compound and add up! I have set days for specific things. I filled that in so you know, but this is now automatic for me. You create a schedule and a workflow and communicate expectations. I use to put so much pressure on myself to be all the places and I realized I couldn’t do that to myself anymore. Now I set my schedule so that is best for me and allows me to be as productive as possible.

Speaking of updates I also decided to highlight a couple changes to our planners that we have made this year!


• Lines in overview boxes

• In weekly only: Double dividing line to visually separate weekend

• Added Junteenth (6/13)


• B/L/D Meal Planning

• Sleep Tracking

• Revised wellness icon

• Spending tracker ($) moved

Podcast coming up this Thursday where I will share my planning and productivity hacks! The how behind it all. I will also talk about more about my planners that I use and why more there too! So stay tuned!

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